WARNING! The fake monks are back for another summer of conning tourists in Old Montreal. Dressed in brown robes, they approach you and slip a bracelet on your wrist and then demand cash. These are not real monks (or nuns) and your cash is not going to support any charitable cause. If one of these individuals restrains you or assaults you for refusing to give cash, call 911 immediately.


Old Montreal has many cobblestone streets, narrow sidewalks, and steep hills — and in the summer months it is typically crowded with people. Pedestrians should wear sensible footwear and persons with limited mobility should use caution.

Many areas of Old Montreal — and many shops and restaurants — are not wheelchair accessible.

The street signs in Old Montreal are red. “Rue” is French for “Street” and “O” and “Ouest” indicate “West.”


Smoking is not permitted on restaurant/bar patios (known locally as terrasses). Fines range from $250 to $1,500 for individuals and $500 to $25,000 for business owners.


omg_parkingThere is metered street parking throughout Old Montreal. Take note of the letter and number on the black pole where you parked and proceed to the a nearby “Pay and Go” meter or use the convenient app. For more information, click here.

Warning! Do not leave valuable items in plain view in your vehicle. Thefts are common in Old Montreal, especially in the city parking lot between rue Notre-Dame O and rue Saint-Jacques.

There are also a number of parking lots and garages in Old Montreal.

You will find Car2Go and Communauto at the Old Port.

When driving in Old Montreal, be aware that many streets run in one direction and several are routinely closed to vehicle traffic during summer months and for special events.


STM | Old Montreal is steps away from the following metro stations: Square-Victoria-OAC (western edge of Old Montreal); Place D’Armes (middle of Old Montreal); and Champs-De-Mars (eastern edge of Old Montreal).

Old Montreal is also served by bus routes 14, 55, 129, 361, 363 and 715.


You will find a public washroom on rue de la Commune E. at the foot of rue Saint Jean Baptiste. There are also public washrooms in the Old Port.


There are several Bixi stations in Old Montreal. Click here for a convenient map. Remember that these bikes are intended for trips of less than 30 minutes at a time and you will be billed for going over 30 minutes.


omg_calecheTours of Old Montreal are available in horse-drawn carriages (known as “caléches”). They can be found at Place d’Armes and at the foot of Place Jacques Cartier.

There is some local opposition to these rides and 2019 is the last year they are allowed to operate.



Dozens of films and TV shows have shot scenes in Old Montreal. Here’s a look at a few of the productions that have put the historic district on screen.


The City of Montreal is rolling out free WiFi service in Old Montreal. Click here for more information. Log on and go to!


During your visit to Old Montreal and the Old Port you might spot a seagull, pigeon or squirrel. Don’t feed it! Doing so can (but isn’t likely to) result in a $300 fine.


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